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Blog: Using Charcoal or Gas Grills In the Rain

Gas and Charcoal Grills from Watson's Fireplace & Patio in Baltimore


The summertime is all about taking advantage of the lovely weather and maximizing our use of our outdoor living spaces. That for sure includes grilling and cookouts on our charcoal or gas grills! As you're starting up the flames in your charcoal or gas grill from Watson's Fireplace & Patio, you notice the clouds darkening the skies and raindrops begin to fall. Don't let some unexpected rainfall ruin your plans! Marylanders love their charcoal and gas grills, so here are a few tips and thoughts on grilling in the rain.


A Little Rain Never Hurt

Let's start by saying that while it is possible and safe to grill in the rain, there's a limit to what these tips can help you accomplish. Under light rainfall conditions, you can still have success in making your meal on your charcoal or gas grills. However, if it's pouring rain outside, bordering severe-storm conditions, you're better off moving the cooking indoors. With the right grilling accessories, you can still whip up something delicious in your cast iron pan or on your metal skewers in your kitchen!

Safe Grilling Surroundings

Once you determine that it's still safe and sensible to do your grilling outdoors, you need to make sure that the surroundings are safe to operate the charcoal or gas grill. Under no circumstances should you ever grill in a garage or a screened-in porch. You can grill under an awning with enough clearance or place a grill umbrella/canopy over your grilling station. You can always enlist the help of a partner to hold a large umbrella while you grill. Even in the rain, have a fire extinguisher and baking soda nearby to put out unexpected grease fires.

Adjust Your Grilling Techniques

The rainy conditions will affect your overall grilling conditions, so keep that in mind to adjust your grilling techniques accordingly. This will include keeping your grill top or lid closed and over your food while cooking. For one thing, this will prevent any rain from getting onto your steaks or hotdogs. Another reason is that keeping the lid on will retain more heat, as the rainy, cool weather can make it more challenging to keep your grill hot. You may even need to use more gas or stoke a bigger flame to keep your grill hot enough.

Be Mindful of What's On The Menu

If you are aware of a rainy forecast ahead of time and intend to grill, you can make some adjustments to your menu or cooking methods to reduce your grill time! Prepare fast-cooking items for your charcoal or gas grill, like steaks, burgers, veggies, fish, and hotdogs. You can start to heat larger servings of meat in the oven then sear it on the grill to finish cooking. Conversely, you can slowly roast —also known as indirect grilling — large cuts of meat, like ribs, a whole chicken, leg of lamb, or beef roast. You won't need to tend to the food as often, meaning less-flipping but keeping supervision over the grill, and these food options are more likely to stay mouthwatering moist and flavorful.


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